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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by ttech, Jul 20, 2010.

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    I am looking at setting up a small TV studio for a high school. In the past I have seen analog sound boards used but someone suggested I purchase a soundboard that has a digital out for future expansion. Do I really need a soundboard with a digital out as they are a bit more expensive or is an analog sound board ok?
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    I could answer for you in a word, but before that you should look at your I/O and usage.

    Is it for live production or hooked to an NLE?

    What are your inputs? Do you have tape playback, and NLE playing back directly to air, remote microphones, several talent microphones around the studio for morning announcements?

    What are your outputs (this is most important to whether you need digital outputs)? Are you sending to a modulator to distribute to the building, a bank of tape machines, in to the NLE, etc? What sort of inputs do those devices have?

    Are you the teacher, district tech guy, interested volunteer, etc? If you get a full digital board (not just digital outs but digital surface and DSP), are you prepared to deal with it when a student accidentally(?) routes silence to the NLE input and you suddenly have to figure out why only that destination isn't getting any signal?

    Also, what sort of video do you have flowing around? Do you have any digital video (SDI or HDSDI)?

    Oh, that one word answer? Analog. Though your answers to the above might dictate otherwise, I really can't foresee an instance where you would really need digital audio. Most similar facilities I've seen have more than enough with 4-6 mic inputs, 2-3 additional line inputs, and a single aux out, with the main outputs on a DA to feed tape, NLE, modulator, etc. I can't think of any real benefit of going digital audio. If you ultimately end up with a piece of gear that requires AES inputs, you can always throw a small adapter in line which will probably still be more economical than buying a board now with AES outputs.

    Does that help any?
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