Sound booth/ editing equip. for high school film class

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Mr_Brightside_@, Sep 29, 2007.

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    Hi, I'm taking senior IB film studies this year, and our teacher was talking about our need for a decent sound system, in terms of during production and post production. Basically, he was talking about some kind of mixing board that could be used post production, as well as some kind of boom/mic system for production (and post-, I suppose). Also, the mixing board would preferably be compatible with Sony Vegas 6 software, or even iMovie 5 on my iBook (which I realize isn't near professional, but if compatible with both, with preference to Vegas, that would be great). I realize FireWire may be an issue, I of course have it (though no audio in, so USB?) but I doubt any of our school Dells do; however I had vaguely heard we would be getting some kind of media PC so that may have FireWire of some kind, if not, then maybe someone's PC laptop running Vegas... Anyway, if anybody has any input at all, that would be great. If you're willing to get more specific, ideas for systems under $1000 and/or $5000 would be much appreciated (I've no idea our budget, you see). Anything helps, cheers!
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    Shouldn't your teacher be figuring this out? ;)

    You'd probably want a broadcast style board since they'd be a bit simpler than a multitrack recording board. For a microphone you should go with at least electret condenser. Studio condenser would be ideal, but the mic alone would go over your budget. ;)

    To be completely honest, you're not going to get a good setup unless you spend a whole lot more. :(

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