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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by SpazzyMac, Jun 16, 2012.

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    Jul 15, 2011
    Hello people

    Bare with me, I am probably going to bombard you with questions.
    I plan on using them to listen to music, watch a good movie, and games like BF3, Metro 2033 and Diablo 3

    So I bought these Edifier R1900Tii 06 fine speakers today.

    1) Would it be reasonable to get an External Sound card?
    since I am not feeling the onboard Cirrus logic card on the MBP 15" 2011, it feels like that there is something missing from the audio.

    and would it be worth it to get higher quality cables like the RCA to minijack and the Speaker to Speaker cable?

    or simply, RCA to RCA and then a good external sound card?

    overall I am pleased with them, but there is something that is missing, I just don't know what,

    2) And there is this thing, The bass is good and all but, it sounds like that it's inside, if you know what I mean? like the speaker is inside a hollow box.
    so which part of the equalizer should I "fix" it with?

    and I don't know if it's the MBP onboard sound card that is making the gaming experience a little sad, since it makes it a little empty sounded, very few sounds are clear, and much of it sounds like it's far away, gunshots sounds weak and all, and too much bass when Azmodan in Diablo 3 talks, too much bass to understand what he is saying.

    and any of you got experience with these speakers, and stuff you can share for better sound?

    I love the boxes! I'm glad that I didn't pick Edifier S3300

    help would be appreciated :) or just some answers ;)

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