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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by hamkor04, Dec 6, 2012.

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    Hi guys

    I was checkin these Sound-bars out, DELL AX510, AX510PA, AY510PA
    decided to make my desk less cluttered and make minimalistic.
    can spend up to $50-£30 for sound bars, why sound-bars because they are sits just under ur monitors (or attaches to them) and no cables around same power supply for monitor.
    but those sound-bars has average reviews. I am using Logitec LS21 2.1 speakers (I know they are not exiting either :D) but expecting somesing at least that can produce same quality of sound.
    what is your thoughts got DELL U2412M at the moment with Mini.

    Thanks for sharing your suggestions
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    Have both the Dell monitor you mentioned and the Dell Sound bar (AY511) for the purpose to keep the clutter down. Used to have the much older Dell sound bar, and the newest one offers better sound quality, and sound level. But, if you are a sound freek that plays music hoping for great quality/surround sound, than look elsewhere. I do play music, and it's more than OK for me, but may not for others. Sound bars you mentioned are lower in cost than mine

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