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    Was curious what soundbar people are you using these days? I currently have a Sony HT-CT150 and it's been great but some of the ports are running its course. So i'm fancying the idea of replacing it.

    if you were to purchase a soundbar around 350-500 range, what would you get?

    (I watch a lot of sports, TV shows via hulu, netflix, drama fever and movies via plex)
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    If you like the sound of what you have but are just pinched for ports, put that $350-500 toward a good receiver, run everything into the receiver and direct one sound cable from receiver to your sound bar. That's the best way to make as little as one input port work with many things.

    Else, are you married to getting another sound bar? There are 5.1 speaker systems in a box for that price point at pretty good quality. That would get you discrete left, center, right speakers instead of jamming all 3 into the limited space of a single sound bar.

    At your price point you can get sound bars with a wireless sub that can power 2 rear channel speakers too. That's a sound bar way to get 5.1 without having to find ways to run wires to the back of your room. These can sound pretty good too.

    The stuff you watch sounds great in 5.1 surround. Your budget could get it for you if you don't have it already.
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    I have been using a Sonos for about a year now. it works great with my setup but it really depends on your TV.
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    Sonos are great but expensive. I had a Bose Cinemate, not soundbar, but 2 front speakers you could spread apart more than a soundbar and a sub. It was great. After that was stolen I picked up a Polk Soundbar with wireless sub for $350-$400 I think. It's ok, but the Bose Cinemate would blow it out of the water, and I think the new ones are maybe only slightly over your budget.

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