Soundcard, Line In and microphones.

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Zawamura, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. Zawamura macrumors regular

    Jun 24, 2007
    Hello Macrumor people!

    I have a question that I hope someone of you can answer for me, I've done some searching and can't find the answer I'm looking for.

    The problem is I have a macbook pro and a headset I want to use for it. I've read that the input on the mbp is a Line-In so a normal microphone can't be used with this port. I've also heard about Griffins's iMic fixing this problem.

    But what I'm wondering is if the Creative Xmod can solve this problem, can it power a microphone like the iMic does?
  2. WinterMute Moderator emeritus


    Jan 19, 2003
    London, England
    I'm not certain the X-mod is Mac compatible.

    I had the same issue, and the Griffin iMic fixed it without any problems at all, plus it's a lot cheaper. I have the Etymotic noise-canceling headset, it works very well with the iMic.

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