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Discussion in 'macOS' started by eddjedi, Oct 14, 2017.

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    I have just done a fresh install without any migration or transfer of preferences/plugins etc, yet have noticed that once again I have Soundflower under my audio in/out preferences! This is one of the reasons I did a fresh install, I used to use Soundflower years ago but couldn't then get rid of it after.

    Apart from High Sierra the other 'media' related apps I have since installed are VLC, Office 2016, Logic Pro, Traktor, and Adobe CC 2017 (Photoshop & Audition.) Do any of these apps include Soundflower as a bundle when installed? I can't figure how else it could have appeared again, like I said I haven't migrated anything from my old account.
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    Found the culprit, it was Toast Titanium. Apparently its screen capture software uses Soundflower.
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    I know Soundflower is bundled with Splashtop (for remote audio) but do not remember is being there when I last installed High Sierra.

    {edit} - just realised my reply is somewhat ...tardy.
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    Good to know.

    If you want sound on screen captures with Quicktime you also need Soundflower for audio routing.

    I don't remember ever hearing about Soundflower causing any issues.
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    Not so much a problem with it, I just don't like finding rogue software installed that I don't recall agreeing to.

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