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    I couldn't figure out why my iMac had no sound and after checking the speakers, power, and cables I went to the System Prefs for Sound and found output set to Soundflower (2ch) rather than headphones.

    Never had seen this before. I recently recorded something streaming with Snapz Pro X. That is the only thing I can think of that would have changed my sound. But even that was a while ago. Not sure what else I may have installed since then that would have done that. Possibly an Audio Hijack Pro update, but I never even use that.

    What App typically installs Soundflower?

    I have never even seen it before in my Sound settings. Certainly not on my MacBook and I'm in the settings all the time messing with Mic volumes and such for better iChats.
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    I don't sue snapz pro, but I do use iShowU which is another screen recoding program.
    iShowU uses soundflower to record the audio from your computer. So chances are snaps installed soundflower.
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    Installing SoundFlower - for iShowU

    Especially if you need it for Mountain Lion.....

    If you are having problems installing need to use Pacifist to extract the "Soundflower.kext" file and drag it to your SYSTEM/Library/Extensions folder.

    It will show up in your Preferences/SOUND pane now.

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