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    I'm delighted to present you this great app by our friends, a lot of programming effort and time has been put to this app, kindly check it out:

    Soundline is an audiovisual application which gives you complete freedom
    while drawing your music compositions. Draw a house or a flower, and listen
    how it sounds!

    Some of the features :
    - draw with more than one finger at the same time (up to 5 fingers)
    - make all kinds of corrections with eraser tool
    - use a real time option(continue drawing while your music plays)
    - save your composition and load it later to change/finish it
    - 4 instruments
    - and much more..

    Soundline is a simple and creative tool for anyone who loves music and wants
    to experiment with sounds without knowing music language.

    Use it as an educational tool.
    With its powerful engine that supports simultaneously drawing with up to 5 fingers and real time playing
    this colorful synesthetic tool can be fun for you and your child, helping your child to develop better perception of both images and sound!



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    ps, here are the promo codes:


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