Sounds like Att will let us throttle ourselves soon when att LTE is rolled out!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Bonds79, May 1, 2011.

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    Click on link!

    BGR has learned that AT&T may have plans to offer tiered data services when it launches its Long Term Evolution network later this year. The carrier apparently plans to trial two separate types of tiers alongside its LTE service: speed tiers and data tiers. Speed tiers will provide LTE data service at varying rates of speed depending on the plan a customer selects, similar to land-based broadband services currently offered by ISPs. Data tiers will afford subscribers “data buckets” of varying sizes, similar to the configuration of AT&T’s current data plans.

    The carrier may also have plans to give subscribers the option to boost services temporarily for a fee, according to a document provided to BGR. The documents mentions “Top Up Sessions,” which allow users to increase their data allotment for the remainder of a billing cycle, and “Speed Up Sessions,” which will allow subscribers on lower-tier plans to speed up their service for a specific duration. The document does not provide any details in terms of what speeds might be afforded by each tier, nor does it detail how much data will be included with each of the various data bucket sizes. It is also currently unclear how many speed and data bucket options AT&T might intend to offer its LTE subscribers. According to the document, AT&T will begin trials of the aforementioned tiered LTE service plans in May for this year. Hit the jump for an excerpt from the internal AT&T document detailing the tiered data.
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    Bonds79 is just trying to troll Att users into a flamewar. Please don't feed him :rolleyes:
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    but he looks so hungry lol :rolleyes:
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    Sounds like att users are getting alittle butt hurt......................
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    See what I mean guys? Please don't feed Bonds79 and his Att troll threads ;)
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    Ah. I see now. :eek:

    I fed this little piece of cruft on another of his threads with a question about a seriously odd statement re: AT&T and data caps.

    Had I realized he was an piece of "anti-AT&T" fly-tape ... well, I've no excuse I guess.

    @ap3604: Thx man. :)

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