Soyuz-10 suffers an anomaly. Crew is safe.

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by quagmire, Oct 11, 2018.

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    This mornings launch of the Soyuz-10 launch suffered an anomaly during launch. The booster looks to have disintegrated close to staging, the capsule performed a ballistic descent abort, and the crew is safe with rescue crew on site at the location of the emergency landing.

    Let this serve as another reminder that space is hard and never routine. This will probably lead to major implications to the ISS operations. As there is now no capability to launch crew. The current Soyuz capsule in space could hit its duration limit before manned launches resume and could result in the ISS be temporarily abandoned.
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    Now it is going to be interesting to hear if there are any holes to find... And who the russians blame for the failure.. 8)
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    I expect they will find the issue, deal with it and carry on as normal.

    Not a bad record really for a type that has been in use for decades.
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    Very fair point, and one that needs to be made.

    There are individuals (and businesses) wittering on about space travel (trips to Mars etc) as though it is a jaunt across the bay when, in terms of technology and technical capacity for exploration, we are a very long way from that, and it still remains a risky and hazardous endeavour.
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    Soyuz is the worlds greatest spaceship. Designed & engineered at a time when the computer was a calculator one step up from a slide rule, and built, tested, & in service for half a century hauling the buns out into space, outlasting the government that built it, outlasting all our own space programs, and with a reliability factor probably better than half the cars on the road around here. Incredible.

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