Space Station: Frontier - new sci fi strategy from the makers of Sentinel

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by Origin8, Dec 21, 2009.

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    Mar 9, 2009
    Hi all,

    Origin8's Space Station: Frontier is now live in the App Store! It's by the same team that made Sentinel: Mars Defense and Sentinel 2: Earth Defense, and if you liked those we expect you'll LOVE this one. If you've never tried either, Mars Defense is currently FREE so you've no excuse ;)

    Back to Space Station: Frontier -

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Gameplay trailer is here:

    Space Station: Frontier costs $2.99 or regional equivalent. Enjoy the game!
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    Mar 9, 2009
    Space Station: Frontier version 1.0.1 is now live!

    • New 'very easy' difficulty for Survival and Endless modes
    • More asteroids in endless modes for longer games
    • New Openfeint achievements
    • New Openfeint 2.4 integration which provides geo-locational highscores, chat and forums, a slick new interface and much more!
    • Few bug fixes

    Suggestions for our next update are welcome - if there's anything you'd like to see in the game, let us know!
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    Mar 9, 2009
    Sale time! Space Station: Frontier is now down to $0.99 for a limited period! Since release, we've added the following for FREE:

    • Campaign mode has been extended with 5 new missions and new gameplay features.
    • Added "Protect", a completely new endless game mode.
    • A new "Rail Cannon" turret is available to buy in the shipyard.
    • A new "Emergency Battery" upgrade can be bought from the shipyard.
    • Power generators can now be upgraded.
    • Enemy waves in endless modes have been completely rebalanced.
    • New OpenFeint achievements and leaderboards.
    • Bug and crash fixes.

    All on top of the initial content. Plus, you finally get to see the dropship Sentinel on screen :) Grab it while it's cheap!

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