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Space Story [IPhone+IPad]


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Jun 19, 2013
Game is free now!

Border sectors are attacked by unknown ships.The player takes the role of a captain,who is caught up in star war.
Fight,trade,mining,exlore,even steal to survive in a world that is on the verge of destruction.
Having passed all the circles of space hell,you have to make a choice save the galaxy or let it burn in the flame of an ancient anger.

Amazing world with complete freedom of action. Mine, fight, trade, research, steal!


With unique names, random generated levels and params.

They mine, fight, trade, researche, LIVE as you are.

All weapons, equipments can be crafted from blueprints. Unique randomize system. And, ships, of course. Some of them couldn't be bought, only crafted!

Six level depth, ancient secrets and ancient guardians, Nightmares.

To discover and unlock.

Save the galaxy or let it burn in the fire of ancient anger!

«Space Story» is not only space combat and trading simulation with adventure and RPG elements, it's your own story, space story!

Infinite space adventure in your pocket. In bus, train, subway, airplane you can discover fantastic world of DeepWalkers and Nightmares.

If any space traveller helps me translate this text to «right» English or any other language, i'll promise - I tell you all secrets i know about this game!

ITunes Link:Space Story (buy)


Video for beginners
Video for advanced


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Jun 19, 2013
Update 1.2.2 has been released.

# SMOOTH ship control (move for your finger)
# 5 AI captains
# scroll to top in tavern
# OLD SAVES (scenario and characters will be available in old save-games. Don't remove old saves!)

Pilot "JCODOR", please contact us:
Pilot "Me that guy", please, update game. It became more friendly.

Update 1.2.3 will be sent to Apple’s approval today.

Changes list will be:
1. Rocket Launcher will be not good so far. Higher Maradeurs, DeepWalker’s Flagship and all Deepwalker’s posts and Nightmare’s ships will have Anti-Rocket system.
2. Final map will be changed. Central Base of DeepWalkers and outpost will be closer enough. Posts will have some speed. If you attack Base, they will come and attack you.
Weapon systems of Base and Posts of DeepWalkers will be really heavy. Four-five attack systems with Anti-Rocket and excellent Lasers, RL.
If it will be too difficult to solve, reduce it next update.
But in 1.2.3 it will be really hard to destroy Deepwalkers Base.
DeepWalkers Flagship will become really dangerous enemy. Excellent Laser will big radius of attack, good damage, Anti-Rocket system. Not a child toy so far.
3. One thing about blueprints of ancient ships. To craft it – very good ore will be needed, higher levels, terakot included.
4. D-Pad control – WIP. Will be grateful if pilots provide feedback (mail,forum,PM) about control in 1.2.2.

Bug with craft screen (no blueprints in list), some fails in lite-version, some other things will be fixed.

One more - if you attack AI-captain, it will attack you back and relation will be reduced.

In 1.2.3 will be one more sector, very hard to play. And one new gameplay thing, really interesting. “Late”-phase of game (then you have a good ship, weapon) will become more interesting.


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Jun 19, 2013
Version 1.2.3 will be available in App Store soon.

Release notes

- Added a very complex sector with hidden fields with terracotta ore, Senior Marauders - the sector will be in the old save game, too
- DeepWalker’s sector was changed significantly, reduced in size, close together Posts to a central Base and issued the latest weapons, powerful lasers, multiple missile anti-rocket systems - a sector in an old save game will not change, but the weapons and equipment will be issued to all DeepWalkers. DeepWalkers Posts on the final map shifted to the central maximum, the main speed + given to them, though small. (But it is only when the new game started, sorry)
Central Base Post is very heavy to destroy.
DeepWalkers Flagship also was changed, become a very dangerous enemy in the intrusion. It would beat the laser on, harder and he has a defense.
- Reworked all sectors. Some resized. The concentration of secret places, asteroid fields, significantly changed Maradeurs count and groups.
- Adjusted all ships. Now the Maradeurs of high levels are really dangerous enemies.
- Anti-missle (Anti-rocket) systems are installing now on the older Marauders DeepWalkers and Nightmares.
- Anti-Rocket now work not only on missiles flying in the ship, but also for all non-friendly missiles.
- The prices for the repair of ships changed. Time to stock repair bots.
- DeepWalker’s ships and Nightmares now have transparency effect.
- Blueprints of good items have changed the cost of creating, the ore is much more and type of ore is hyre.
- Blueprints of ships were scary changed. Now the rare ore requires, up to the very top, terracotta. You will need to produce, opening the field, plus the use of a warehouse to store.

- AI-captain, as well as all the enemy ships will attack the last one, who attacked him.
- AI-captains and enemies hear you now. Now Engine Silencers are really badly needed.
- All enemies will now attack not only probes, but the loot. In this case, the enemies differentiated targets. If there is not only loot, but one of the enemy ships, the ships will be a priority.

- 7 AI captains will be
- Changed the initial generator captains, several is a good equiped, others are the newbies like you
- Being attacked by a player any AI-captain will attack back, and the relationship with the captain will reduced.
- All AI captains now have absolutely unique names
- Changed the logic of the Pirate captain. It can start the hunt for the player. He is interested in the contents of the hold. If the player, as well as other AI-captain, throws out of the hold valuable items Pirate pick them up and fly back home.
- AI-miner is able to open asteroid fields (though some cheat here, but you can adjust to it and use to open field and extract ore from it)

- Fixed adding attacking ships and defense ships during the intrusion

#### SCENARIO ####
The change in the sector of DeepWalkers
- It is closed to hyperspace jump, until the quest about destroying DeepWalkers Base will be got.
- If the player flies into this sector, all AI-captains jump there to support the assaul, so you have to help AI-captains to improve their ships. The stronger they are, the more support in the final assault.

#### FIXED ####
- A bug with Craft screen.
You can now create objects - weapons and equipment, blueprints will be shown.
And the ships – you can see ship parameters, which can be created in the blueprint.
- Now look inside the other ships and remove equipment - NO.
- Fixed automatic leveling ship to the target if the attack comes from multiple guns.
- Fixed a bug with the opportunity to jump out of the Black Hole with the Jump Engine.
- Fixed mini-map in full screen mode. Not dazzled.
And a lot of little things, optimization.
Very important is a review about a game performance.
Changes was a lot, we tried to keep the frame rate in normal limits.
Your reviews send to
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