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Discussion in 'macOS' started by chatfan, Oct 29, 2007.

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    Nov 2, 2006
    in mah cribb yo
    Installed leopard without any problems and started editing in final cut (studio2)

    After i opened an old project most files needed to be reconnected and encountered a couple of oddities:

    reconnect does not relocate all the files like it used to when they are all in a single folder.

    reconnect could not find a whole bunch of files because they where in another folder ( so it did not completely scan all the external drives like it used to)

    SPACES: This is a really weird bug, when your doing a reconnect and decide to move to another space because a new email just popped up your in trouble.

    Picture this: reconnect in final cut is looking for files, but i just noticed a new email and as screen junkie mail is in one of the other spaces (you know: edit space, photoshop space, internet / mail space). So checked the mail and went back to final cut thinking it should have located the files and now I can just click and reconnect.

    Nope sorry the browser window is not active anymore. Despite the fact it is the top window in final cut, without being able to click this away you can't do a thing with FCP. Force quit was the only option, even using the dock to make the top window active doesn't work. So somehow when switching with spaced window focus gets lost and never comes back.

    This happens every time i have anything open in Final cut and use spaces. Never had this problem in tiger when I just switched applications.

    the other spaces oddity 2007 is that when you click on any apps in the dock, like firefox for instance, it does switch to the right space but firefox is still buried underneath the other open apps.

    and yes i think stacks suck too :p Nested folders where much more useful, the most stupid part about stacks is that if you have a dual screen it doesn't fan out to the second screen but just cuts off any stack. But then again I have separate screen resolutions so that might complicate things.

    Still comes across as half backed though.

    So spaces rules but it has some weird bugs when you try to multitask with it.

    The worst part being: you will loose any unsaved changes in the final cut scenario.:eek::eek:


    I like the dock but think the transparent menu bar is a bit stupid because everything else is dark greyish.

    time machine is also a bit of a joke: I need to manually de-select most of the system because it can't "time machine" 1365GB of data to a 500GB lacie. doh :rolleyes: The interface is cool but without any compression its just a fancy duplication archive tool. Very useful if you put all the system, apps and projects on the same disk i guess. But don't expect the miracle of smart computing sorting things out if your a heavy user.

    Computer used: mac pro with 22GB memory, 2TB storage. Jusst in case anyone wonders if it might be a resource prob :cool:
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    Jan 7, 2008
    I had been wondering about editing stuff so I have been doing some research on the Final Cut OS that I could use with my computer. I used Final Cut 2 on my G4 on OS 9.2.2 Jaguar, I believe it was, but it was frustrating cuz it kept on crashing when I tried to render stuff. my research I found that Final Cut 3.5 won't work on Leopard, only Final Cut 4, so maybe, it is true too, that Final Cut 2 won't work on it either. Just a thought.

    Maybe you could help me please...

    I am getting Tiger. I want to get Final Cut 3.5 cuz it will work on Tiger and I only have a 867MHz processor in my G4 PowerMac, (Final cut 4 needs a bigger processor) and I'm not getting a new computer.

    Do I need anything else besides a keyboard cover and storage for the video?

    Do I need a PCI Express Card or is the one in the computer already enough?


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