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    Thanks for the help on my other thread, guys :)

    Sorry for the stupid questions againnn but...

    I recently discovered faces and I really like the concept, but I have a few questions before I actually start using it.

    I usually have many applications running, if not up. This becomes a problem with spaces because it shares my applications over the spaces...this may seem like why I would want to use it, but I often forget which space which application is in and this becomes a major problem because it gets me frustrated quickly looking for the chat that keeps ringing or anything else I may need to get to immediately. Is there a shortcut (like expose) to bring all of your applications to the space you are on?

    And also, how do you drag an application from one space to the next? Seems kinda hard to do because you would have to drag and switch spaces at the same time...
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    If you hit the application on the dock, it will automatically jump to the space that contains that application.

    If you click and hold on the top bar of a window, then whilst holding press ctrl+a number it'll bring that window with you when you switch spaces.
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    also, holding ctrl and the arrow keys to cycle the windows. :)

    To move a window to a different space, just drag the window to the edge of the screen. :)
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