Sparkle or Rapidweaver

Dr. McKay

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Jan 20, 2010
Belgium, Europe
Both Sparkle Pro and Rapidweaver 8 cost about 100 euro.
As far as I can tell, Sparkle is pure WYSIWYG, so no diving into the code. One site even calls it the unofficial successor to iWeb.

Now, I'm no stranger to HTML and Javascript, and not afraid of code. So Rapidweaver might be the obvious choice. Adding Stacks makes it into a powerhouse but it obviously adds to the purchase price.

I'm not planning on building complex websites at first, but it would be regrettable if I forked out for Sparkle Pro and then not have the possibility of messing around with the code myself.
On the other hand, Rapidweaver doesn't seem to be getting too many favourable reviews.

So, is Rapidweaver w/Stacks worth the price or would Sparkle Pro suit me just fine ?