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    My Panasonic plasma, which I use with my Apple TV4 is used to output through SPDIF to an Arcam DAC which I have connected to an Arcam stereo amplifier.

    The TV setting is "SPDIF selection : PCM" which I have selected, and the "PCM Optical Level" is -10DB by default.

    If I increase the PCM optical level (on the TV's control) to -8DB, -6DB,-4DB,-2DB or zero DB the sound level at the speakers increases.

    Is there any reason why the default PCM optical level on the TV is so quiet, and any reason not to turn it up to zero DB?
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    Maybe the SPDIF is digital and a setting of 0 DB should be the reference since it's preferable to adjust the volume in the analog stage.
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    The -10dB default could be to protect whatever is receiving the signal.

    You will have to check with the Arcam device manufacturer to see if 0dB input is safe or acceptable.

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