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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by lulla01, Jan 31, 2012.

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    Jul 13, 2007
    I currently own a set of Bose companion 3 series 2 speakers. They are great and I am happy with them except for one thing. The subwoofer has a buzzing noise unless it is turned off. It is a complete hassle. I don't understand what causes it. I am considering buying the B&W MM-1 Speakers but i know they have been out for a while. Is there any other recommendations you guys have in the up to 500.00 price range? I would prefer insane speakers without a sub. This buzzing noise keeps me awake at night i don't understand what causes it. Its more of a Humming.
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    You get buzzing if there's a bad connection somewhere or there's a floating ground. I have the issue occasionally on my speakers (Bose Companion 3, just like yours), but in my case I know it's a problem with the jack on my iMac, not the speakers.

    Time to try some troubleshooting:

    Unplug the audio input to the speaker, does the buzz continue? If not, it may not be the fault of the speakers but what is plugged into them. Maybe try a different audio cable. Or use a different cable and plug into the input on the volume controller. Does the buzzing still happen?

    if the buzzing still happens even with nothing plugged into the speakers, there could be a problem with the power the speaker are plugged into. Move the speakers and plug them into a different power outlet. Does the buzzing continue? If not, there's something funny going on with the power where the speakers were originally plugged in.

    If that's not it, contact Bose. They may have ideas. I've had good results dealing with their customer support in the past.
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    A bad or floating ground would be my guess too....This has come up before, as suggested, try moving them to a different wall socket....You could consider buying an earth hum eliminator, but I'd run the diagnostics above first.

    My 7.1 DTS subwoofer had the same issues as yours....I had to buy the eliminator, as the hum was messing up my recording...Gone now.
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    John T

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    I suggest you carry out the checks outlined my mfram. What's more, it would be helpful if you clarified the symptoms of the problem - you initially say it is a buzz and finally say it's a hum. Which is it? Buzzing is usually a mechanical problem such as vibration whereas humming is more often than not from an electrical source caused by bad screening or an earth loop.

    You mention you are considering B&W speakers. It's most unlikely you'd get any problems using them as they are "Proper" quality speakers produced by a manufacturer who specialise in the manufacture of high quality hi-f equipment. Bose are not in the same league.

    As an afterthought, if you do decide to go the B&W route, do try to audition some before you buy. Some people have been disappointed with their sound when compared with the "boom box" sound provided by cheaper PC type speakers. They confuse volume and "exciting sound" with quality and accuracy.
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    Jun 2, 2011
    Another vote for B&W. They sound amazing for the size. I hear a few people have faulty units, so you may need to return a set before you get a good pair, but if sound quality is your priority then I would recommend B&W.

    As mentioned, your taste is a factor. The B&W are precise and articulate. Definitely not the the slow, unrestrained bass that some have become accustomed to with cheaper speakers.

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