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Speaker with some extras


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Jun 20, 2012
jersey city
I started out by looking for a simple bedside clock and things kind of morphed. Now I want too many things in a clock that I can't seem to find one. Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction. To put on my bedside table, I want:

** A clock with lights (or so that I can at least see the time in the dark).

** iPhone 5s dock to listen to music while I go to sleep and charge the phone. Sound quality must be good. [Do speakers come with timers to shut off the music or can I get an app for that?]

** A radio, preferably AM, for my cats while I'm away. Hey, they like the news!

** Battery powered but not an absolute necessity.



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Jan 14, 2008
There's this Sony dock:

Or this one by Boston Acoustics:

Those are just two of the top results from a Google search (for "AM FM radio iPhone 5 dock"). Unfortunately neither are capable of being run solely on batteries, but I think with full featured clock radios/docks it would require quite a bit of juice from the batteries. They only have a battery to save your settings in case of power failure.
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