Speakers for iMac That Can Use USB or Line Out?


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Nov 12, 2014
Lakewood, CO
With Windows computers, I can usually find a Line Out or digital output to connect speakers to, that sounds a lot better, and doesn't rely on running the speakers out of the headphone jack. With iMac (5K, late 2014), is there a way to hook speakers up equivalent to that?



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Jul 7, 2012
You can always use something like USB DAC (eg. audioengine d1) to skip internal speaker/headphone jack and use digital output instead. Or USB speakers, but I have only seen crappy ones (I'm sure there may be some decent ones).


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Nov 13, 2008
You can get a USB DAC as mentioned, or depends on the speakers and price you want to go for.
I currently use 2x M-audio M3-8's and a M-audio M-Track Hub as the volume control and audio input (via USB). It was more designed to be helpful for recording and has a Headphone Input as well but I use it as the DAC essentially for the bookshelf speakers.
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