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    I have a Mac Mini , latest base spec. I have bought some monitor speakers for music production. I plug the speakers into the headphone socket on the mini and it works fine. Only problem is , what if i want to listen to the music on headphones. The speakers don't have a headphone socket and its a pain to keep plugging and unplugging/swapping wires.

    Any idea on how to do this?

    Basically i want the speakers to be connected all the time but have a headphone socket at reach in front of me

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    Music Production? Seems like you might also want a place to plug in a microphone or guitar or whatever as well as headphones.

    Also I think you will find you need separate volume controls for the speakers and headphones

    This will let you connect a few different audio devices.

    There are others like this by companies like Presonus and Lexington. Check out the above web site.
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    You could always plug your headphones in via a usb adapter, and switch the output via the mac (Alt and click the speaker icon in menubar)
    I have a Griffin imic

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