Spec Sheet for Quadro K5000 MAC EDITION

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    PNY will be building and selling them.

    Specs look nice, though they just say "OSX Version" without actually saying which one.

    I would guess that the JUST released 10.8.2 driver from Nvidia is it, or maybe they will have one more.

    http://www.azken.com/download/PNY Quadro K5000MAC Datasheet.pdf

    BTW, the 2.1 Tflops they claim exceeds the GTX580 Classified Ultra by about 300 Gflops, as tested by Barefeats.com.
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    Jul 11, 2008
    I'm curious to see a performance difference with this card in OS X versus Windows when it comes out. Especially considering Quadros and FirePros are all about optimization for performance, and you can't get optimization without the best drivers.

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