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    Special characters, including more than 200 SMILIES characters , and Number symbols, unit symbols, mathematical symbols, punctuation marks, special Chinese characters, Japanese symbols, Lower/Upper case Greek letters,Russian symbols. .etc.

    You can easily enter these characters, switch to the system keyboard to edit your text, send text including Special Characters via Text messages or Mail.

    Hope this App improve the efficiency of your input, and facilitate your life.

    What's New in Version 1.3
    1.add dagger, double dagger, pilcrow, section sign, broken vertical bar, asterism, interrobang, and ironic sign, copyright, trademark, and registered trademark signs. etc..
    2.add currency signs and more unit and math signs
    3.Share the content to Facebook , Twitter, Sina Weibo , Tumbr

    Available on AppStore:

    FREE version:

    get it now
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