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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ViPhone, Sep 11, 2015.

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    Hello All,

    Been quite a while. I've been running with a cracked 5 for sometime now, and it's about time that I upgrade. I'm on a mobile family sharing plan at AT&T where I believe I'm paying $15/mo since my old 2-yr contract has long since been paid off. This leads me to a few questions:

    1) Am I paying $15 w/ the supposed $15 discount? Or is it simply $15 because of the family share plan?

    2) I was told by an AT&T rep that I would be paying in the $42-$52 range if I were to upgrade via AT&T NEXT. I'm guessing this is because I'd be getting the magical $15/mo discount, right?

    3) In this specific instance, would it be more wise to choose the new Apple installment plan (I'm assuming my bill would remain $15 at AT&T?) or go the route of the AT&T NEXT Plan (obviously this is dependent on the above question answers)?

    Thanks for the help, guys. Really appreciate it, want to be as best prepared for tomorrow morning as conceivably possible.
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    Old info but new for you.

    Your bill will go up $25 per month if you take the subsidy.. $199 phone... You will pay a total of $40 per month for the phone on the service. Plus $40 activation fee and of course the $199 plus tax.

    If you get NEXT you will keep the $25 discount making this line $15 per month but you will need to pay the NEXT charge for your phone monthly plus $15 activation fee and sales tax on the MSRP of the phone.

    Your bill will go up if you buy a new phone. No way around that.

    (using $649 phone)


    $25 per month plus $40 fee plus $211 initial price with 6% tax = $851 for a $649 phone (if you don't have unlimited don't do it)

    or Next

    $21-32.50 per month depending on plan months plus $15 fee plus $38.94 sales tax

    Or Apple

    Keep in mind the Apple plan will require you to go in store to pick-up the phone. Apple plan includes Apple Care but that can be purchased for NEXT too.

    Comparison from 9to5

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    Thanks mate. Didn't know said table/article existed. Sounds like NEXT is the best option if I'm not going to keep the phone, and the Apple plan is a good idea if I intend on selling (what with the included Apple Care).

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