specific instructions needed for iphone 3gs 4.0 firmware cellular data plan.

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    Dec 28, 2010

    so i need complete information on my problem before switching. i'm a current at&t cellular carrier with an iphone 3gs on 4.0 firmware 8gb and jailbroken, with a $15 monthly data plan.

    i'm giving my phone to my brother who does NOT have a data plan nor does he want one.

    i did some snooping around for more information in google because he wants to use the iphone 3gs. when i called at&t, they said that the sim card without cellular data plan will automatically activate once it's in a smartphone that has cellular data plan, whether or not i state i want it, because it's REQUIRED.

    so i guess i'm looking for help where
    i don't necessarily need it UNLOCKED, because my brother too, is an at&t carrier, but i want him to be able to insert his sim card without automatically activating the data plan but instead just using wifi and regular calling/texting.

    another question
    in Settings>General>Network>Cellular Data=OFF/Enable 3G=Off/Data Roaming is not highlighted=OFF.
    does that mean that 3gs/cellular data plan is disabled only for my sim card, or for the phone itself?< which will also result in non auto-activated cellular data plan for my brother's non cellular data enabled sim card (doesn't know if this make sense LOL)

    THANKS IN ADVANCE! <switching to iphone 4 soon!
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    They informed you correct.
    Their system will detect the iphone and add a data plan automaticly.
    No way around it besides using a prepaid AT&T SIM, unlocking it and going to Tmobile or pay the minimum $15 data.

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