Specific lightning cable, help?

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    Hey everyone. So a few weeks ago I was browsing the web and came along a website that sold some third-party lightning cables. They also sold some cases and covers as well as some mini-USB cables.

    All of their cables came in several colors and were flat in design.

    I think I found the link of a topic on here but I've been browsing for days to no avail.

    Can someone help me find it? It was a nice clean website as well. Not some cheap china one.


    EDIT: found it! Phew. Tylt.com
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    Specific lightning cable, help?

    Amazon has a clean looking website too, they sell knockoff ones as well from different sellers. I recommend this from amazon:
    iXCC (tm) 2pcs White 10ft (TEN FEET !) EXTRA LONG Lightning USB SYNC Cable Cord Charger For Apple iPhone 5, iPod Nano 7, iPod Touch 5, iPad 4, iPad with Retina Display and the iPad Mini

    Or get the amazonbasic one which is great.

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