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Aug 8, 2008

I have a macbook pro (specs) pre-unibody.

I purchased the extended warranty and I am trying to figure out the best way to approach apple about the issue's I am having.

Unfortunately there are quite a few - I have had some pretty rotten luck with this little guy... (the first week I got it I came walked into the room to find my dog standing on it, with a big ass dent right above the apple logo... ugh..)

Anyways - just a minor aesthetic issue there, which are accompanied by some other little dings.

Current Issue's:

  1. Battery Health - This is (or should) undoubtedly be covered. The battery is simply dieing
  2. AC adapter - Not sure on this one, but somehow one of the little prongs on the charger got pushed in and I have to fiddle w/ it in order to get a charge
  3. CD rom - the cd rom gave out (should be covered... right?)
  4. Slow(er) processing/overheating - not sure how to describe this but my rig seems a lot slower than when I first purchased it.
  5. Odd marks on the display - There is are quite a few really odd poc marks on the monitor. I depend on very high accuracy of my display for graphic design work I do.

I'm concerned that, seeing the little dings my laptop has accumulated, apple will brush some (or all...) of these issue's off blaming me. As I understand it apple can be a little unforgiving with some of this stuff.

I just want to be careful in how I approach them in order to get as much fixed for my rig as possible.

Thanks for any advice...


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May 16, 2008
I'm curious as to why you would ask here, instead of just calling AppleCare and let them tell you what they will and won't cover. No advice in this forum will be as accurate as what Apple will tell you. Generally speaking, damage from accidents and cosmetic issues are not covered, nor are batteries, unless they're found to be defective.
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