Specs/Prices for new Macs?

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Oct 19, 2001
What's wrong with the SpyMac report

The SpyMac report points to the inclusion of 10.2, which won't be released
until March, remember...?


14" LCD better than 15" CRT

To the person who complained about the 14" LCD being smaller than the 15" CRT: There's nothing to worry about, because you're WRONG.

CRT sizes, for some reason surely thought up by the marketing department in some third-rate monitor company, are listed as picture tube diagonals, but what you usually see is about an inch less. That's why you often see descriptions like "15-inch monitor (14.1-inch visible)." It's completely misleading, confusing, unnecessary, and lame.

LCD sizes are actual visible sizes and represent a return to sanity. Hence a 14" LCD is as large as a 15" CRT. Of course, it's also flat, higher resolution, perfectly focussed, and not jittery. You can easily display XGA (1024x768) on a 14.1" LCD (as found in the G3 Powerbook), while it's a stretch for a 15" CRT. In fact the new iBook has demonstrated you can display XGA on a 12" screen fine, so it's too bad they don't make SXGA (1280x1024) 14" LCDs.



Re: Seeing is believing ...

Originally posted by Cyprinus
Has anyone opened the door of an 800DP G4? You'll see that there is barely any room for faster chips. The space both 800's and their cooling-block takes up is like 4 times more than a single 400Mhz G4 did. Very curious how they gonna fix that. Are the fans gonna blow even harder?
The new G4's are using the Apollo architecture, which is smaller, cooler, and uses less power.