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May 31, 2015
Does anyone know if you have AT&T Fiber if you can get Spectrum Cable internet as well or instead ?

Reason I ask is because to have a backup ISP provider if we ever have problems with AT&T Fiber.

I tried putting my address in the homepage of Spectrum but it doesn't seem to want to work :(


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Jan 20, 2009
backup internet
cant you can tether your iPhone if ATT is down??


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Nov 27, 2013

That might have been part of the reason you could not get things to work.

As far as alternative Providers go, it really depends upon those that provide Service in your area . . .

. . . I have ATT Fiber, and I *could* have Comcast activate Service, if I needed the redundancy (or overlap to ensure connectivity during a switch from one, to the other).

Both Providers utilize overhead wires for the Last Mile in my area, so both are susceptible to failure from falling trees/broken poles.


Regards, splifingate


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Jan 20, 2009
the OP should verify the address is the legal address for the house.
does the new internet provider really have the selected service to your house

We moved to the new diggs and comCast in my area is really really old and intermittent.
i switched to residential fiber from the local phone company.
during the new fiber installation I was there in standby DIY mode so it was done to my satisfaction. i left the existing comCast overhead in place and ultimately had 2 drops to the house. the old comCast coax drop may be been 20y old and quite use less, i waited a month but removed it and all the hardware off the house. Also returned all the comCast equipment to the local office and made sure I had a receipt. The comCast drop wire dangles from the back yard telephone pole along with 3 or more other cut off drops. They are all trimmed maybe 8 feet off the ground so they dont get in the way.

the new service meets my medium expectations. 1G bit service (cost $65/mo) is actually 100K Bytes/second and at its best not that fast in the scheme of things. i have 2 levels of routing which is bad. I un able to set pass through mode in my craigsList 2100 level Zyxel all in one box. I only use the box to negotiate the fiber internet id/password.
question 4me is there a simplified method to negotiate the id/password w/o the junk 2100 Zyxel box