Speech Enabled Calclator hits App Store(SpeechCalculator Pro)

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    I am proud to announce the first ios calculator app with speech recognition and 6 beautiful themes,

    Speech Calculator Pro is the first ios app calculator enhanced with speech recognition(we call him irvine) to bring you to new level of computing all you should do is to pick up the phone and tell him the numbers and as you can guess we didn't forget the traditional part of computing so we tried to make it more beautiful with 6 themes. below you can see what awesome things irvine can do for you:

    ->ask him to sum numbers like : two plus one point five (2+1.5)
    ->you also can ask to multiply numbers like : five times eight (5*8)
    ->dividing is also there you can say: eighteen divided by four (18/4)
    ->as like addition you will get subtract too for example : zero point five minus ten

    --------------------->>it is not getting to end just with normal assumptions--------------------

    --> ask him for sine of numbers like : what's the sine of thirty
    --> as like sine you can ask for cosine like : i want to see the cosine of forty five
    --> tangent not forgotten!! like : show me the tangent of sixty
    --> as you can guess ask about cotangent too : i want you to calculate the cotangent of ten

    -------------------->>> Not ending -----------------------------------------------------------

    --> you can even tell him to get percent of numbers like: what's the five percent of forty (i like this one)
    --> factorial is waiting if you want the factorial just say : five factors
    --> of course you will see root for example : radical five
    --> go with powers like : two to the power of five
    --> also we added something called // night mode // you can turn on/off this feature by tapping the calculator screen twice and there it is it will enable a glow effect to buttons
    --> ((Read)) what is it? tap the the screen twice and tap "read" it will read the number for you in case you want to write it down without watching the calculator
    --> we also programmed the landscape part of the app so enjoy turning your device







    we promise to bring you new abilities in each update so you can have easier calculation

    1: those who feel the speed of app is slow can tap the screen twice and turn off the key sound
    2: at the moment the algebraic order in calculation is not programmed so speech calculation will calculate the numbers one after each other

    the app is fully universal --> buy once use it in all of your devices

    please contact us if you had any question or ideas we would appreciate
    Speech Calculator Pro copyright 2013
    Developer: Sobhan Eskandari
    Designer: Mahyar jamalabadi and Pixeden

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