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    We would like to introduce our new apps for the iPhone.
    We are a small company from Switzerland and started just a few months ago. At the moment we are focussing on Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, other things will come later.

    We have new applications : Speech2Tweet


    Tweet just by talking -- Speech2Tweet is the very first iPhone app that turns what you say into a tweet! 

    This innovative new app is the easiest way to update your Twitter feed hands-free... while driving, exercising, shopping, anywhere. It's the perfect way to tweet for busy people who are always on the move.


Finally, you can control Twitter with the power of your voice. Speech2Tweet recognizes what you say and writes it in a tweet for you. It's easy to stay in touch on Twitter when you can simply say what you want to tweet (no typing required!).


    Speech2Tweet will change the way you tweet. Imagine posting to Twitter as quickly and easily as you talk.

This first-of-a-kind app will help you:


* SAVE TIME - No more struggling with the on-screen keyboard! Quickly write a tweet just by speaking.

    * KEEP IN TOUCH - Share the latest news in your life and work with friends, colleagues, and the world!

    * STAY IN THE KNOW - Be the first to hear of the latest trends and news from Twitter users worldwide.



Plus, Speech2Tweet allows you to do everything you’d expect from a full-featured Twitter client in a quick and easy way:

    * Geotag tweets automatically or on a full screen map

* Search for nearby tweets

    * Shorten URLs
* Inline web browser

* Reply, retweet, and direct message

    * No ads
* Share pictures and videos (Twitpic supported)

    * Clear and easy to read interface

    * And more...

Download Speech2Tweet today and discover how you can control Twitter with the power of your voice.


    Power App GmbH


    Purchase and Download


    We will be updating this Post daily for the features of Power APP, so don't forget to check this post daily.

    For more info about Power App,please visit our homepage,facebook or Twitter.
    Link: http://www.powerapp.eu/

    Contact us if you are interested.

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    Thank you very much, we will give our best.
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    I would love to try it, but both promo codes don't work anymore.

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