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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by old-wiz, Nov 15, 2013.

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    I have simple requirement: Copy a DVD to a HDD to remove the copy protection and simply be able to open OSx DVD player, point it to the directory/file, and play the movie just as if the DVD was still in the drive, or to simulate having a DVD drive on an MBA. I keep the DVDs, I don't give them away or sell them, I still have them in the bookcase. I am not pirating. I just want to save wear and also be able to watch them on the MBA from an external HDD. Is that too difficult?

    I used to use RipIt, but it hasn't been updated since 2010 and chokes on newer DVDs. It was able to copy a 2 hour DVD in about 45 minutes, although newer DVDs fail.

    I bought MacX Video Converter Pro, but that's apparently only for converting DVD to .mkv or similar formats. Sigh..waste of $ 39 (the Halloween "giveaway" ended up being not free and costing money to use). Trying to actually convert gave me run times in the 5 hour range for several DVDs I tried.

    So today..Tried DVDFab DVD copy, which seems to do it, but a simple copy of the DVD to HDD takes at least twice as long as it would take to simpy run the movie. My first try was a movie that runs 2:20, and DVDFab started and finally said 4:40 to rip the DVD. Plus the program is crap - the Menu Bar has only the name of the program and has zero options. Is this really a legit program and developer? The company is located in China and only offers 2 day turnaround on support. Price on the Web said $ 49, but when you order the price jumps to $57.60...why can't they post the actual prices?

    Why do these programs take so long? How come RipIt could do a DVD in 45 minutes and the other programs want 4-5 HOURS???
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    Use makemkv still free to use.

    It will make a .mkv file from the DVD, if you are going to watch on your Mac then just play the file using VLC.

    Now if you want to convert the .mkv file to a different format then use something like handbrake depending on the you specs of your Mac yes this can take sometime.

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