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    Jan 18, 2008
    Sorry, I'm not sure if this is the best forum to post it (I've checked the descriptions and this seems to be the best place... moderators please move if deemed otherwise), and this is not intended to be a spam, if you feel this is spammy, please delete it...

    As many of you would know, when installer have too many sources added, it takes forever to go through and update it (as of 3.0, this happens automatically once every 12 hours). The problem of this is because Installer needs to go through them one by one, and if some of them are down or with bad XML, it adds more time to your waiting. I spent the last two weeks or so slapping together a sources consolidating tool per say. What it does is it has a small spider like script that goes around to crawl different sources that I've deem trustable/stable, and makes note of what is on them.

    How it helps speed up the process is like so:
    1) Interested users (such as myself and my currently near 300 alpha+beta testers) can register an account on my site, and select what packages they want to keep up-to-date with. There are currently just a bit over 1000 packages in my database.
    2) Once that is done, you can get a personalized repository link; this link will contain nothing but the packages that you've checked off. You can add this to your installer, and remove the sources that originally house these packages (we currently track only 30 some odd sources, and are listed in a thread on my forum).

    With the sources deleted, you have lesser sources to update, and so Installer starts up significantly faster. I've received feedbacks that people gone from upwards to 20 minutes down to around 20 to 40 seconds.

    The site's url is http://repo.sc/ and I hope that some people from here can join us to help me test this service while I get more features added to the site.


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