Spell Check not working in Word 2008.


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My spell check is completely broken. It wont correct or highlight misspelled words. I cant even go into the spell check preferences (it's just grayed out). And there's no spell check item in the toolbar, or menu bar.

I came across this thread but the method explained there did not work for me. Does anyone know what could be wrong?

I noticed this problem when I misspelled "radiate:"



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Jul 26, 2011
Spellcheck working but not in some docs Word 2008


I have a strange problem. When I work on one of my documents the spellcheck works fine, but I've been given a document for some input, and on that document, on some pages only, the spellcheck doesn't work. If I track changes and add a comment, the spellcheck works with the comment, but not in the text of the document.

There has been some pasting of text from another document into this one, and I'm wondering if the Don't Spellcheck function has carried across. I've tried the suggestions offered in this thread but nothing seems to work on these few pages. Any ideas?


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Dec 9, 2011
Cannot reinstall Proofing Tools

I am getting a warning that "You already have a newer version installed". That's where it ends for me. Anybody found a workaround, besides a complete redo?