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    Jan 20, 2002
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    Ok, I know this is off topic but what happened to spice weasel? I know you guys paused it and I know it was supposed to be done by the end of 2001 says http://www.burdadigital.com/ . So what happened you have taken down weasel.carracho.com and you have taken the announcement off you'r page that let us know about Spice Weasel. I hope it isn't the end of that app

    this was found on burda's website http://www.burdadigital.com/


    We generate new ideas for online companies, aligned with the core competencies of our parent company. We believe that the new economy still holds a tremendous amount of good ideas, however, what will inevitably separate an idea from a good company is execution and delivery. Our portfolio companies can rely and benefit from a wide range of strategic management services and resources, as well as technological and financial support.

    Moreover, we are fully committed to putting management and technology resources at the disposal of our family of enterprises. In other words, we don't just invest and sit on boards. We involve ourselves (often allocating full time dedicated collaborators) and engage the entire Burda organization in bringing our companies to the marketplace with the aim of achieving maturity and profitability. Our competitive advantage comes from being able to offer an extensive network of powerful business connections, through our parent Hubert Burda Media.

    Currently in incubation is the project Carracho a web-based platform which allows users to share ALL types of online files. Carracho is in an advanced stage of development and will be rolled out and operational by the end of 2001.


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