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Apr 12, 2001

A case accessory from Cyrill, a sub-brand of Spigen, for Apple's long-rumored AirTags has been listed online for pre-order with a shipping date of "late October."


The storefront listing, spotted by iMore, is for a case accessory titled "Basic Leather - Black" and said to be "for AirTag." Listings for the same product in alternate colors have also been added to Amazon. The accessory is priced at $19.99 and the page lists a number of product features:

  • Stylish and classy vegan leather strap case perfect accessory for minimalist
  • Firm button clasp keeps your AirTag securely
  • Hang your AirTag on your bag, key, wallets, clutches with stylish gold clip-on carabiner
  • Wireless charging compatible.
  • CYRILL Basic Leather strap case for Apple AirTag (2020)

The most interesting tidbit is the mention of wireless charging for AirTags. This supports previous suggestions that AirTags may charge wirelessly or even on the back of an iPhone, rather than use a replaceable CR2032 battery.

The AirTags' 2020 model year is an obvious error, as the product has yet to be released in early 2021. However, this may add credence to the rumor that AirTags were originally planned to launch in 2020 before being delayed until March 2021. Indeed, the "late October" note on the listing could be referring to October 2020, rather than October 2021, if it is as outdated as the model year suggests.


While it is difficult to learn much new information about the design of AirTags from the product listing, the images seem to meet the speculation of previous rumors that the AirTags will feature a slim disc-like design and a white front. The leather portion of the accessory also seems to be very similar to leaked images of an alleged Apple-designed AirTag keychain accessory from last year.

This is not the first time that third-party AirTags accessories have come to light. Earlier this month, images of Nomad's AirTags Keychain and AirTags Glasses Holder accessories leaked online. Apple does not generally provide accessory makers with product specifications or details ahead of launch, so the product renders that Spigen and Nomad created are more likely based on rumors and not representative of the final AirTags design.

AirTags are expected to work similarly to other item trackers such as Tile, allowing users to attach them to various items like cameras, wallets, keys, glasses, and more, to be able to locate them if they are misplaced. Rumors indicate AirTags will feature a built-in U1 ultra wideband chip for accurate indoor positioning information that will also allow for augmented reality-based tracking functionality.

There have been signs of AirTags since iOS 13, and despite a multitude of rumors suggesting Apple was heading for a 2020 launch, the elusive product has yet to emerge. Earlier this month, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple will release AirTags at some point in 2021, though he did not provide more specific information.

Article Link: Spigen AirTags Accessory Listed Online for 'Late October' Release


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Jun 25, 2010
At this rate, I would be surprised it releases. There have been teases for a long time. Hell, even competitors are starting to hit the market before AirTags based on the same teases.


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Jun 14, 2016
I assume accessory manufacturers are under some sort of NDA, until right before or until after launch / announcement.
So maybe this means they ARE coming soon? Maybe it’s just wishful thinking.


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Oct 18, 2019
Can I ask, has there been any realistic rumours or leaks based on this product? For example, photo evidence of prototypes, etc? I’ve only seen information from analysts and third party products.


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Oct 30, 2017
I would like it to have a small hole to put it in a key chain or tie it to something. I don’t want to buy these ugly and bulky accessories.
Yeah but it does not seem to have a small hole based on the supposed leaks.
So if someone buys an AirTag, they have to buy an accessory like the one above to use it.


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Feb 8, 2002
Can I ask, has there been any realistic rumours or leaks based on this product? For example, photo evidence of prototypes, etc? I’ve only seen information from analysts and third party products.
Badly hidden code in iOS has been found.


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Feb 8, 2002
It's not uncommon that stuff like this happens.

I once visited a tech show in Berlin where a company was showing off stuff before Apple had even released the device. They got nervous as duck when I started taking pictures; asked me what firm I was with and why I was taking pictures. 😂
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