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    Ok, my niece had a little accident with her computer today, she was drinking a frappe and over it went right onto the center of her computer.

    Luckily I was sitting next to her, and in the panic of it flipped it upside down before anything could get inside the computer and shut it off by holding the power button.

    So far I have taken the back panel off and inspected the situation, from what I can tell most of the coffee that got in the casing was concentrated around the trackpad and battery. All the rest drained out the top of the keyboard area when I flipped it. Luckily because of the 2011's design just about all that got in funneled along a aluminum channel in the unibodys case. Keeping it away from the logic board.

    Anyways some liquid did funnel out the headphone jack, so tomorrow I am going to take out the logic board and check for any residue. What would probably be the best way to tackle any left over coffee that I find on the board?
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    Sep 12, 2010
    so spot cleaning with a q-tip dipped in 90% alcohol would probably be enough? Cause I dont see any coffee on the logic board so far, there is some crud on some contact pads, but I am not sure if thats from the coffee or a residue from flux used at the factory.

    As far as the keyboard and trackpad goes... should I let them soak in a solution of alcohol and distilled water? Or should I just quickly rinse them with distilled water and let dry for a few days?
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    Sep 12, 2010
    Ok a quick update.

    I took the macbook apart and the motherboard managed to get through the ordeal without getting a drop of coffee on it. :D

    Unfortunately the battery did not fair as well... Its completely discharged, wont take a charge, and is not detected by the computer at all.

    The same is true for the keyboard...partially. The keyboard appears to be work still, however the backlighting behind some of the keys is not as bright as it used to be.

    So at the moment I am looking at at least 150$ for a new battery via ifixit. Then ill get a replacement keyboard in the future if the residue from the coffee finishes it off. But the keyboard backlighting does not appear to be THAT big of a issue at the moment, because the keys are still backlit, just not as brightly.

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