Spilled Coffee on Laptop

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by BigJon901, Jul 18, 2012.

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    Technically I didn't spill coffee it was bumped and splashed (like 1/16th of a cup max) and the hit the space key c,v,b,n,m and a bit on the trackpad. This all happen last night.I immediately turned the laptop upside down and wiped the coffee off with a damp & hot rag.

    This morning in class everything seemed good the trackpad functioned (click press and everything). When i got home i placed it on the charger and left for about 3hrs. Now the trackpad won't click(but OS still detects that it's pressed down etc). It does function 100% though.

    Any solutions? The laptop is under warranty but im worried that even the smallest sign of a spill will void it? The trackpad looks pretty tight against the body will pressing it down and going around the edge with alcohol q-tip clean up what's sticking it? Don't think any got to the internals :confused:

    UPDATE: Fixed it i got a q-tip and some 92% alcohol and pressed the pad down and went around the edge with it. Then i pressed the trackpad up and down and it clicks now. Can a mod close this?
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    there are sensors in the MBP if any of them get triggered, your warranty will be invalid.

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