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Broken MacBook

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Jan 25, 2014
Okay, really need help! I spilled tea on my work's macbook pro and it is pretty much brand new. Well it was. I wiped off the tea from the trackpad but some must have seeped underneath as it has stopped working.

I have tried putting rice on top of the trackpad and keeping the laptop upside down to let anything drain out but still no luck. It is the latest 13 inch macbook pro, I read the battery is glued in on this model so haven't bothered taking it apart. It is just the trackpad that isn't working so I'm thinking instead of voiding all warranty/applecare by messing with it myself, better just to see how much it is with apple to fix the trackpad?

I know that nothing covers liquid damage but if I paid extra would they replace the trackpad?

Also how do I force it to shutdown. Atm when I press and hold down the power button it just sleeps I think. As when I press it again it loads instantly, or do they always turn on that quick?


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Aug 19, 2011
California, USA
I'm not sure of the cost to replace the trackpad, but Apple will do it.

Regarding the shutdown, pressing the power button will suspend the machine.
You can either press and hold the power button (ungraceful).
Better to do it via terminal:

[comand-space] to open Spotlight
type terminal and press enter to open the Terminal
run the command, sudo shutdown -h now


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Jul 30, 2003
To clarify the "ungraceful" way to shut off: Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds, should force it to shut off completely.

Spilling liquid into the built-in trackpad doesn't really do anything to the trackpad itself, as the outer surface is glass, you just wipe that off.
But, there's a gap all around the edges of the pad, and spilled liquid will seep through down underneath. The tannic acid in the tea, and if you used milk or sugar, those will add to the potential damage inside.
I'm afraid that simply piling rice on top really isn't helpful at all.
The laptop should be completely disassembled, to check the underneath side of the trackpad. And, you'll want to do that (or have someone else who knows how) as soon as possible - like today. Electronics hates moisture.
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