Spinning Beach Ball of Death


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Nov 29, 2008
I have been reseatching this issue since I bought my macbook pro (new) back in Febuary.

The Computer -
MacBook Pro 15" 2.53 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo 4Gb RAM
OS's tried on 10.6.2 and OS 10.6.3
HD tried on Stock 250gb and 640 gb.

The Symptoms-
Whenever looking at digital media I will get the SBBOD.
iPhoto (latest version) after looking through about 10 pict I get the SBBOD for about 15 - 30 seconds. Then normal for a bit then continues.
Watching movies - Quicktime, itunes, VLC anything. Movie will pause give me the SBBOD and then conitnue after 30 seconds.
Will not do this off of a dvd.

Things Tried - Not in this order
Disk repair, hardware diags, updating all software, going to the end of the Internet trying to find someone else with this problem. Found out sometime ago everyone had this problem. Patch was created by Apple and then integrated into an OS update. So the patch will not install on this computer.
Installed clean OS on another partition and another drive.
Works on clean install of OS until migration assistant is used. Tried just making a new profile and it did not work.

My thinking at this point is that there is a program that is being transferred over during the migration that is causing this problem. It is not the user profile since it affects other users on the same boot disk.

When this happens there can no other program running or 5. Doesn't matter. I have looked at he monitor and nothing changes. Nothing is taking the processor, the ram or anything.

Non Apple Applications installed -
Office 2008
Home Design Studio Pro
Parallels - Windows 7
Using MobileMe

Anyone have any ideas


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Mar 8, 2010
Fort Worth TX
Spinning Beach Ball of Death - Blue Screen of Death, now that I am in the Mac world some things remain the same :) The common denominator is technology, when it works it's great otherwise it's death.


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Feb 19, 2008
The Finger Lakes Region
Run some maintenance on your Mac. Download either Onyx or Yasu and run all the cleaning routines. Once the program reboots your Mac manually reboot again immediately to completely rebuild your startup/shutdown System cache.

Running routine maintenance once about every three months will keep your Mac running almost like new (baring hardware issues).

Lastly OS X really loves RAM! The more you have the faster OS X will run.