Spirit jailbreak issues after two months

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by jeffp, Jun 19, 2010.

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    A couple of months ago I used Spirit to jailbreak my 3GS that has 3.1.3 so that I could use MyWi with my ipad. In the last couple weeks I have had more dropped calls and those that just don't go through. I have read other threads about this, but yesterday my situation changed from what I have read. A few minutes after listening to a podcast on my iphone, the phone shut off and nothing would get it to turn on. About ten minutes later, the Apple logo appeared but stayed on the screen and a soft and hard reset had no effect. About fifteen minutes after that started, I checked the phone and everything had returned to normal.
    This morning after charging my iphone, I noticed that it had started in "safe mode" and showed a message that Winterboard had not been able to start. I have not installed Winterboard so this message was a surprise.
    I guess it is time to restore. Just to make sure that I return the phone to its virgin state, I should restore the iphone as a "new" phone and then restore to the backup I made yesterday to recover my programs, files, contacts, music, podcasts and videos. I should lose nothing that I have now but the jailbreak? I will keep the iphone in this state for my wife who gets the phone when my iphone 4 arrives on Thursday.
    Am I correct in my assumptions? I will upgrade that phone to os4 so my wife has the new features but I don't want her to have to deal with the problems that I am having now. My other option is just to upgrade to os4 on Monday, but fear that this will not get rid of the issues I have with the phone in its jailbroken state.
    Ideas and advice? Thanks in advance!
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    If you restore as new then any and all software issues will be gone. if they continue they are actually hardware issues.
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    Restore as new

    Once I restore the 3gs as a new phone, I then sync it to get all my info and apps back? Is there anything lost by gong that route? Finally, is it necessary to go into dfu mode to restore or can I just pick the option to restore? My guess is that dfu is the only way to restore as a new phone.
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    You will lose your texts.

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