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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Kanunu, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Kanunu macrumors 6502

    Apr 18, 2009
    I have a set of split files with letter extensions. They are named <filename>.iso.__a, <filename>.iso.__b, and so on. Additionally they continue on to <filename>.iso._aa to <filename>.iso._as. This further confuses me because a Mac will list the <filename>.iso.__a first but a PC will put the <filename>.iso._aa first so I am unsure which is the initial file.

    I haven't found software that will join them properly. Split and Concat stalls out at 4kb. MacHacha makes a full sized file but it won’t mount. Stuffitexpander won’t even try, and Ajoiner shades out all the files as they don’t end in numbers.

    I also tried renaming all the files with numbers but this too failed. Any suggestions?

  2. LPZ macrumors 65816

    Jul 11, 2006
    The only ordering scheme that makes sense to me is a -- b -- ... -- z -- aa -- ab -- ... -- as.

    You might try doing this manually using Terminal and the cat command.
  3. Kanunu thread starter macrumors 6502

    Apr 18, 2009
    Is cat the correct command?

    I looked at the following page that I found on this forum: http://ss64.com/osx/index.html and noted that the command “cat” was to display file contents (not to concatenate as I had anticipated.)

    There is also a “join” command but I am not sure it is the thing to use or what syntax should be.
  4. LPZ macrumors 65816

    Jul 11, 2006
    No, cat concatenates too (and join is not what you want). You could try the following:

    Open Terminal (in Utilities) and enter the following, but don't press return. Leave a space or two after the d:

    Then drag the folder containing your .iso files and drop it into the terminal window. This will append the location of the folder to the cd command. Now click on the Terminal window to activate it, and press return.

    Now you'd need to edit the following so that it has the correct file names, and then paste it into Terminal and press return. You should get a file named <filename>.iso, and maybe it will work as you hope.

    cat <filename>.iso.__a <filename>.iso.__b <filename>.iso.__c \
        <filename>.iso.__d <filename>.iso.__e <filename>.iso.__f \
        <filename>.iso.__g <filename>.iso.__h <filename>.iso.__i \
        <filename>.iso.__j <filename>.iso.__k <filename>.iso.__l \
        <filename>.iso.__m <filename>.iso.__n <filename>.iso.__o \
        <filename>.iso.__p <filename>.iso.__q <filename>.iso.__r \
        <filename>.iso.__s <filename>.iso.__t <filename>.iso.__u \
        <filename>.iso.__v <filename>.iso.__w <filename>.iso.__x \
        <filename>.iso.__y <filename>.iso.__z \
        <filename>.iso._aa <filename>.iso._ab <filename>.iso._ac \
        <filename>.iso._ad <filename>.iso._ae <filename>.iso._af \
        <filename>.iso._ag <filename>.iso._ah <filename>.iso._ai \
        <filename>.iso._aj <filename>.iso._ak <filename>.iso._al \
        <filename>.iso._am <filename>.iso._an <filename>.iso._ao \
        <filename>.iso._ap <filename>.iso._aq <filename>.iso._ar \
        <filename>.iso._as > <filename>.iso
  5. Kanunu thread starter macrumors 6502

    Apr 18, 2009
    Will try

    Thanks. I have to go to work soon but I will try in the next few days and post how it works.

    Someone also told me that the PC version of HJSplit will do the job. I may link my external drive to my PC and try that way too.

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