Split iTunes library - how to fix?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by garya73, Jun 6, 2017.

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    I have an SSD as my primary C: drive (Windows 10). It is almost out of space despite me moving my large download files onto a regular hard drive.

    So I downloaded a program called WinDirStat which I highly recommend. You can get it here: https://www.fosshub.com/WinDirStat.html Click on "Download WinDirStat Windows Installer" which is directly below the PayPal button.

    So I ran the program to see what the largest files were on my SSD. Turns out that part of my iTunes library is on my C: drive. I thought it would all be on my G: drive (the place where the rest of the library is).

    I tried the advice I found online to go to File > Library > Organize Library. It took a little while to do what it was doing, but when I checked my iTunes library on the G: drive nothing had been moved over.

    Is there something else that I should have done? If I move them manually then I would have to go into add folders to library. I think then I would have to delete the C: drive albums from iTunes. That seems like a ton of work considering it is 65GB of music. Is there a program I could use to move all of it and update the folder information in iTunes?

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    A thought. If I create a completely new folder on the G: drive will it move all of my music that is currently on the G: drive and the C: drive into the new folder? I imagine that could take a long time unless the G: drive just updates the pointers.
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    It seems more likely that you have two separate iTunes libraries. iTunes does not support "split" libraries as such. The media content can be spread across multiple locations (if you de-select the Copy files to iTunes Media File option in Edit > Preferences > Advanced), but the library database files that keep track of all that must be in a single location. If you consolidated the library on G: and nothing changed, it means the libraries on C: and G: are independent of each other.

    It may be more fruitful to compare the contents of those two libraries before doing anything else. It's possible that at one point you copied the original library on the C: drive to the G: drive, started using the library on the G: drive, and stopped using the library on the C: drive altogether. If, however, the library on C: has material that the librarian G: does not, you may want to Add to Library... (for the G: drive library) by navigating to the media contents of the library on the C: drive.

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