Splitting iTubes Library Amongst 2 Users

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by someone28624, Jun 14, 2008.

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    I got my mom an iPod Nano for her birthday. I have an iPod Video. I sync my entire library to my iPod. Before I gave her the iPod, I made some playlists of music I have and added some of her music to my iTunes so I wouldn't give it to her blank. Now, however, she loves the playlists I set up and obviously wants to add more music. I can't stand her music and am thinking the best way to manage her iPod is to create another user account on my computer for her (done) and put her songs in iTunes there. That's one reason they have separate accounts, no?

    But how do I get her music out of my iTunes and into her's? Obviously CD's are easy to just reimport. I set my music as a shared folder. If I add the songs to iTunes and her account then delete them from my music library, will they stay in her iTunes?

    How do I get playlists over?

    We have a couple of CDs that are home made mixes of music from other CDs. I have these in my iTunes library and manually labeled all the tracks. I'm not looking forward to the idea of relabeling all those songs. Is there a faster way to get those over rather than reimporting the cd?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I think you would either have to have 2 separate libraries for iTunes, with 2 copies of "shared" songs, or let her sync her iPod through your account and just set up the playlists you want synced to your iPod.

    I haven't really messed with different users on a Mac, but from what I do know, that's going to be the only way. From what I remember from sharing an iTunes library, if one user adds songs onto it, the other users have to reupdate their library to have those songs shown.

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