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Jun 10, 2007
I replaced my first iphone because it had a conspicuous stuck pixel on the home screen. When I got the new iphone, I checked VERY carefully on various color screens for more dead pixels. I didn't find any.

I've had this iphone for a week or so, no problems. Battery charges to full, and I've periodically checked for dead pixels, never saw any.

Now all of a sudden, I see a dead pixel on the lower right part of my screen, which is fairly obvious on white screens. I am 99% certain this was not there a week ago.

Is it possible for pixels to just die like that? I don't want to go through the whole process of returning it to the Apple store, since they gave me a hard time the first time. Plus, there is no guarantee that more pixels won't die on a new iphone.

I guess I'll just live with it for now, plan on upgrading to a 3g iPhone when it comes out anyway. But my question is--has anyone else had a pixel die on them within just weeks of owning the phone?


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Oct 8, 2003
Dead/bright pixels on small high density screens like these are unfortunately a all too common thing. You really just have to live with it, ask any PSP owner.

My Iphone has a bright pixel which can be plainly seen when the thing is booting up, but in use I don't notice it. I say if it continues to bother you, trade it in, but its just one of those things.

BTW - the only 2 LCDs I have that don't have dead pixels somewhere are my 12" PB and the 20" Dell I have hooked up to my Mac mini. The G5's LCD has 1 and the MacBook Pro has 2 dead blue pixels (so you can only really see them if you're looking at something blue).


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Jul 20, 2007
I just returned my iPhone with a single bright (green) pixel. It was in a very bad spot. Right on the boarder of the lower control interface and the main screen.

Apple took it no questions and am very glad they did. I have never heard of any just showing up though and have not seen it on any of my 12 or so LCD's that I have gone through. Some did have bad pixels but were there right off the bat.

If it bugs ya take it back. If its dead (off) then your lucky to some degree. Because mine was stuck (on) it was a real pain in the butt when watching movies. It also intensified with screen brightness.

Apple is one of the few companies out there that acknowledges that bad pixels suck. Take it back and see what they say. You deserve a product that you are happy with.

Incidentally my bad pixel screen was a 7 number. My new one is a 5.


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Jun 10, 2007
Thankfully I have no dead pixels on my iPhone. The guy above me was right.... ask any PSP owner about dead pixels. I had 5-7 dead pixels on my first PSP replacing it with only 3-4.