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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by Armen, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Armen macrumors 604


    Apr 30, 2013
    Im exchanging the Milanese Loop that I got with my SS watch for a Sport band. Few questions:

    - Is there only 1 model of Black sport band? i.e. does the SG Sport and SS use the same black sport band?
    - What material is the connector pin and the metal portion you push through the hole made of?
    - Has anyone had issues with the piece that is tucked under slipping out and popping the band loose?
  2. alhumphrey macrumors member

    Feb 17, 2010
    There is both a SG and SS version of the black sport band each with the pin made from the different finish.
  3. joshcls macrumors 6502


    Sep 12, 2013
    Panama City, FL
    No issues with the tucked piece whatsoever. Granted I haven't done any heavy training or physical activity beyond the light jog, etc. Works great so far.
  4. Armen thread starter macrumors 604


    Apr 30, 2013
    Ok, thanks. I'm assuming the SS version has a SS pin?


    Thanks. Appreciate the feedback
  5. nasa25 macrumors 65816

    Apr 11, 2010
    So will apple owe you money when you do the exchange?
  6. aamoren3 macrumors member

    Sep 19, 2014
    I believe there are two models of the black sport band: black with silver colored pin and black with grey/black colored pin. The connector pin is made out of nickel or aluminum. And I've had my Sport for a few days and have done some cycling with it (mtb included) with no issues. I did notice that I needed to tighten the watch up one notch when riding though. Not happy with Milanese?
  7. Pupi macrumors regular


    Apr 12, 2015
    The pins are SS on both, but the band that comes with the sport has a space grey colored pin, while on the SS it's silver.

    No difference in material, only in finish. Actually I guess that makes the band that comes with the SG a bit exclusive since I'm presuming bands sold separately will only have the silver pin.
  8. Carmenia83 macrumors 6502

    Feb 25, 2012
    Definitely no issues with the tucked piece coming out. Its pretty snug. Occasionally my arm hair gets pulled in between them which is kind of annoying lol. The biggest issue Ive had with the Sport band is the pin points straight down and scrapes on my macbook while I'm typing. Nails on a chalkboard! I have the silver pin, but Id be willing to wager that the SG finish would be scraped off pretty quickly.

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