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Apr 12, 2001

Spotify has added CarPlay support to its standalone Stations app, allowing users to control radio playback from their in-car infotainment systems and dashboards.


Spotify Stations' support for Apple CarPlay was spotted by a Reddit user

Released in the U.S. in June, the app lets Spotify account holders stream music from curated, radio-like stations. In that sense, Spotify Stations has similarities with Pandora, offering personalized stations or playlists based on the user's Spotify history.

Music starts playing as soon as you launch the app, then you can choose from a list of several preset stations. Like in Spotify proper, premium subscribers get unlimited skips and ad-free listening, while non-paying listeners can use the free ad-supported version which comes with limited skips.

Aside from the personalized content, the Stations app also serves popular playlists from the main Spotify platform, including Discover Weekly, Favorites, and Release Radar.

Stations is a free download for iPhone and iPad available from the App Store. [Direct Link]

Article Link: Spotify Stations iOS App Gains CarPlay Support


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May 28, 2019
Hopefully it's less buggy than the regular Spotify CarPlay implementation...


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Nov 2, 2008
Malmö, Sweden
And STILL no Apple TV app? . Its almost ridiculous that there’s no way to play Spotify through your home stereo/TV without using airplay.

Juicy Box

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Sep 23, 2014
And STILL no Apple TV app?

The ATV and tvOS seems to be the new red-headed step child of Apple and also app developers.

Hopefully this changes.
Even Tidal has an Apple TV app

I hope that Spotify and Amazon Music get tvOS apps.

I would like to try out some other services, but there are only a few apps that are both tvOS and CarPlay compatible.
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