Spotify watch app is a joke

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by username:, Dec 6, 2018.

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    the ENTIRE reason people want a Spotify watch app is for music streaming WITHOUT their phone.

    Dropping this app is pointless and the only reason they did it is to get people off their back about making an app. But they might as well have done nothing. This app is useless and I’m feeling an Evernote vibe about the way Spotify are treating their users. Spotify should take a lesson from Evernote; they treated their users with contempt and now their company has tanked. Spotify: you are not invincible, you will lose subscribers and eventually tank if you treat us this way.

    At this point the only reason I’m still subbed to Spotify is because they are so far ahead of Apple Music in terms of user experience, but the second I see Apple Music adding some of the features they are missing, I’ll be straight on to Apple Music happily. Get off your high horse Spotify, do something for your users and stop treating us like we’re idiots.

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    Drop Spotify and get Apple Music—just do it! I have never ever had second thoughts about my decision.
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    They said it's a work in progress and they'll add support for streaming from the watch soon. The app is definitely a little rough around the edges too, it doesn't use the S4's bigger screen and seems to be finicky when skipping back on songs. I prefer the regular Now Playing app for usability but then again I like being able to select playlists from my watch, so ymmv

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