Spotify without a browser-enabled device permanently connected


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Apr 27, 2016

I am looking for a solution to playing Spotify music without permanent access to a phone or wired power. The situation is as follows:
  • We would like to be able to play Spotify music without permanent connection of a device that has a browser / netflix etc.
  • We will have permanent access to the internet via WiFi.
  • Any device can be set up using a phone, but must be able to work the majority of the time without a phone / computer etc.
  • The solution must be cable-free.
  • Ideally will be able to play to either bluetooth speaker or headphones (the device probably won't be able to tell the difference I guess)
I have found only one solution, but wonder if anyone has any other ideas:
This has the advantage that it doesn't need a permanent internet connection either, but it has relatively short battery life and no screen. An ideal device would connect directly to the internet, use a screen to select music through a premium Spotify account and have much better batter life. Does anyone know if such a device exists?