spotlight/finder is broken. mds and mdworker consuming all cpu

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by neuroshock, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. neuroshock macrumors newbie

    Apr 10, 2011
    >>>>>>TL;DR :
    A) A command line alternative to "command-f" in finder with the search parameters:
    1)kind is any
    2)System files are included

    B) Should I be worried about the process mdworker23
    C) mds is taking over 100% of cpu along side with 3 mdworker and 2 mdworker23 processes<<<<<<<<<

    I had installed evernote earlier to try it out, when i figured i didnt like it i try to uninstall it manually as this was suggested the best thorough way to delete installed applications(if u know of alternatives pls let me know).
    So I command-f in finder, i add the option "system files are included" .

    So the search parameters i have right now is:
    1)kind is any
    2)System files are included

    So i proceed to search the term "evernote", at this point not even the .app file shows up, when i try to do another search nothing shows up.. it appears as if finder is frozen.

    I close finder and open another folder , do the same thing except the only search parameters i have is:
    kind is any

    Now finder shows the "" that's in the applications folder. I proceed to add the second search parameter, i search "evernote", nothing changes, only appears.

    After a couple of google searches, I tried doing:
    " sudo mdutil -E /Volumes/Macintosh* " (why would it need sudo?)

    I get:
    indexing enabled "

    So i do the same thing as before and search for the term "evernote" I finally get some files such as a .plist and 3 other folders beginning with* as i proceed to delete them, I CANT.... i try to search for the term again ... those folders dont appear anymore -.- seems like finder or spotlight is back to being frozen.

    Now not only is my search function broken, I have 2 "mdworker23" processes running, 3 "mdworker" processes running and mds taking over 100% of my cpu when normally its at 0% and sleeping.
    My laptop at this point is hot, i can hear the fans running.
    Is there some sort of command that searches the hard drive thoroughly for files and folders , basically that do the same thing as i was trying to do with the finder with those 2 search parameters.
  2. angelwatt Moderator emeritus


    Aug 16, 2005
    It sounds like the indexing process is on-going, meaning search results may not be accurate yet. Give it some time.

    If you'd like a command line way try:
    find ~ -name "*evernote*"
    You can try 3rd-party apps for file finding if you want to try the, One such program is Find Any File (I've never used it myself so can't speak to it).

    Uninstalling apps is generally done simply by dragging it to the Trash. There are some apps, such as AppCleaner, that will "attempt" to find associated files for the app as well, but they are all hit or miss. Most of the leftover files are tiny though.

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